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Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Red Auerbach and … uh… Sharon Osbourne? Leadership comes in many forms. However it gets done, someone needs to take the reins and work the compass. We proudly present our fearless leaders.

  • I became president and CEO of Minnesota-based Ergodyne in 1985 – just two years after becoming the company’s first full-time employee. This sounds like a big hoop-dee-doo. It was not. We were out of dough and everyone else had jumped ship. Well, all righty then!

    I had a nice break (meeting the beloved J.E. Barnard), needed buckets of tenacity and got down to business. This meant a couple decades or so of living on planes, trains and automobiles. Elegant and glorious. We’ve had a myriad of challenges and changes since – including, countless product introductions and patents; some crazy growth; a couple appearances on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Small Companies in the U.S.; being kicked in the teeth by an elephantine government agency… then fighting them back; being trampled on by a corporate giant; a steep decline… then a long climb out; some solid sustainable growth and so much more – damn! We’ve had us some times.

    When not selling, downloading music or pestering folks, I spend my time trying to figure out who we are and where we are going – or as W put it so brilliantly, “strategery” – all while focusing semi-insanely on building and protecting our venerable and badass brand. Thirty years in, I remain deeply committed to the safety community and hope our heartfelt daily quest to develop and market innovative, smartly-designed, high-quality solutions for the workers in the trenches and on the frontlines actually makes The Workplace a Betterplace™.

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  • I am thrilled and proud to be joining Tenacious Holdings as VP and CFO. I know (after just 30 days) that I have joined an organization that has been well managed through exceptional growth and a finance team that is strong, professional and smart – all a credit to my fabulous predecessor Leon Hoffman who has retired after 22 years with the Company.

    I have over thirty years of Accounting and Finance experience; in the last ten years I have also had experience as a general manager for an international business and have led Operations, Quality and HR for a number of smaller organizations. I have had both public and private company experience, and started my career as a CPA in public accounting.

    I work best as a strategic, financial partner for growth with a smart, dynamic cross functional leadership team committed to strong brands and good people. I believe that is exactly the sort of team and company that I have found here at Ergodyne!

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  • Originally from Massachusetts, I literally fought my way through a family of five brothers (explains this annoying little facial twitch). Graduated from Boston University and began my "working" life as a physical therapist and then a variety of safety sales positions before embarking on my journey from darkness to light (light being the start of my career at Ergodyne in 1998 of course). Extending the metaphor, it was also a move from cloudy Pittsburgh to sunny St. Paul; figure that was mostly a push weather-wise.

    I started as vice president of sales in the industrial division charged with growing a business that was struggling, more than a bit, to regain a solid footing in the industrial and safety channels. We strapped on a pair and together got new and varied distribution in place; consolidated out a good deal of our competition; and eventually made significant headway with important end user market segments. Today, as the senior vice president of sales, I have an impressive and growing team that manages a robust global business comprised of many of the top distributors in the world. Times are not as tough as they were back then, but I can assure you we are no less hungry to grow our business and expand our brand into every corner of the globe.

    A kind of metamorphosis takes place for many here at Ergodyne and that has certainly been the case for me. We not only make, market and sell innovative products – we dwell in an inspired environment where we can and are encouraged to express ourselves in unique and productive ways. That freedom has truly helped me more deeply enjoy my creative side. I share that side with my sweetheart Jodi, my daughter Andrea, son Ross, friends and family here and back east.

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  • Born and raised in the Badger state, which helps explain my childhood ambition, I grew up playing every sport imaginable from sun up until sun down. Was forced into child labor by my parents who owned a landscape business and flower shop. Those early work experiences with my mom and dad taught me the value of hard work and that is something has stuck with me, and driven me, throughout my career. It also taught me to always keep my lawn well maintained and my flowers properly watered and amply fertilized.

    I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, with a Finance degree after toying with the idea of being an accountant. Received my MBA from the University of St. Thomas. After college, and prior to Ergodyne, I had stints as a Plant Controller at a division of Menards, and then as a Master Scheduler at a food processing plant that produced 500,000lbs of pasta a day. Carb up baby!

    In 1995, I found myself on the orange planet, Ergodyne. The culture change from my previous job experiences was evident from the first day when I received an employee handbook that was about three pages long, contained a grand total of 400 words and included helpful instructions such as: DRESS CODE: Wear some. I knew this was going to be “home” for quite some time. I started my career as a Scheduler on the Operations team and worked my way thru the ranks from Scheduler to Operations Manager to VP of Operations years later. In 2008 I added the Product Management Team to my scope of responsibility and it has turned out to be one of the best career decisions ever made. I enjoy working with two fabulously talented teams, building innovative products that help keep workers safe and delivering those products to customers when they want them, where they need them. The changes at ergodyne over the past two decades have been incredible and I’m honored to have played my small role in them. We have never been stronger as a company and there has never been a more exciting time to call myself an Ergodyte.

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Behold! The faces behind our Tenacious Work Gear®. The ones inside cranking out light, sweet innovation and the peeps who have the know-how required to keep the wheels turning at the speed of ligero. They’ve got some major street cred. Bragging? Maybe.